Thursday, 3 May 2012

31.75 done...

Well we are parked at the top of a hill I think I would find hard for hill reps and Rainer jogged all the way up it before stopping for food. He's done 10.75 hilly miles in 2:01 so quite incredible pacing given he has now run over 775 miles, with <90 to go...

He seems to be enjoying the hills ('waves' in Rainer's language!) and has definitely perked up now the rain has stopped.

We are now off to Merrymeet for the final checkpoint of the day. More from there... - The Home of ULTRArunning in the UK

Location:Sand Hill,Gunnislake,United Kingdom

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  1. I managed to catch up with Rainer between Okehampton and Tavistock today to cheer him on. It was good to meet him. He certainly did not look like he had nearly run the length of the country! At least it had stopped raining, although that doesn't even seem to slow him up at all.

    Good luck with the rest of this incredible feat (or even those incredible feet). Sorry about that.

    Best wishes,
    Neil's Mum