Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Stage 12 - Mission Complete

Rainer finished the stage today well before 6pm in 10hrs 28minsin a. Yet another staggering time. Accompanied by 2010 Champion Neil Bryant, he had another remarkable day out on the road where they endured torrential rain and tropical sunshine.

It's been a bizarre day to say the least... the only thing that's been normal is Rainer's very, very consistent pace. I've started to set my watch by him!

Tomorrow, we hit Devon, the penultimate county of the JOGLE Ultra... and that really means the miles are whizzing by... especially with Rainer going at his current pace. The results or is that result? will be online shortly.

Lastly, thanks to Neil Bryant and Quentin Somerset for coming out to play... and also to the lovely Katherine for letting us stay at the http://www.junction24ltd.co.uk/ which now has a fanstatic restaurant and lovely hot showers!!!

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  1. well done mate same again tomorrow please . your amazeing.

  2. Fantastic effort yet again Rainer! You're an inspiration!

  3. Just fantastic, well done Rainer. Absolutely inspiring!

  4. Glad that Neil managed to catch Rainer up and run with him today. Another incredible day. Tomorrow he runs into the best county, (well I think so anyway), and it will be sunny as well!

    Good luck although I'm sure he won't need it.

    Neil's Mum