Thursday, 3 May 2012

Day 14 - Job Done - Results

Our friend, Becky Healey came out watch Rainer complete Day 14 in 10hrs 12mins... another blistering day out on the roads in Devonia and Kernow. Becky witnessed for herself the remarkable Rainer bashing up hills at over 6mph.

It's crazy for us to see too, as really we had envisaged anyone still standing (let alone running) to be finishing just inside the 'Midnight' cutoffs at this stage but this just isn't the case with 'The Trans-Europe Express' in town. We even managed a trip to The Dragon Leisure Centre to get washed and scrubbed up before our evening meal of Chilli... a firm JOGLE Ultra favourite.

We did find a suitably sized Mars Bar for him at our stopover at Downend Garage but it did melt and at £140 a time, they are a little impractical and outside race budget for tomorrow perhaps...

As for the last stage(s), well no doubt that will also prove not to be a problem as there is only 65 miles to go and there's over 800 miles in the bag for our man.

Please join us for the leg down to Penzance and like we said, if you are in the neighbourhood, please drop in on us. His times for the race so far are below...

Night from Rainer, Rory, Jen, Ann and Paul... - The Home of ULTRArunning


  1. Inspiring really inspiring. Wish I could get down to Cornwall to see the man complete this

  2. I ran a marathon for the first time in London. I am now inspired to run more and more. What Rainer is achieving is simply incredible. I wish there was more press for what you are achieving Rainer. Simply incredible. Well done.