Tuesday, 1 May 2012

CP1 - 08:50

Rainer is surprisingly upbeat given the rain which looks like is set in for the day. He did the first 8.8 miles in 1.5 hrs which is great going on these busy, wet roads.

We are parked at the 11 mile point to help him onto the A4 before carrying on towards the Clifton Suspension Bridge where the lovely Quentin Somerset is joining us to say hello.

He's just whizzed past on a mission - more from CP2...

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  1. Neil is on his way, but is wondering if he will be able to catch up with Rainer and whether he will be able to keep up with him if he does manage to catch up! Tell Rainer that it's dry down here so he should be getting into better weather.

    Neil's Mum

  2. Still loving the regular updates, so keep them coming!

    FYI I also love the links to your current location, but they don't always work, e.g. the link to St Andrew's Rd is actually a Google Maps search query for "St Andrew":