Tuesday, 1 May 2012

50 up...

It was a quick dash into Bridgwater for the guys as the pace was even and relentless this afternoon... it also got even HOTTER... we even dispensed P20 suncream...

Yes, there was a high level of UV to contend with and Rainer is starting to look very brown from the days on the road, although it's more likely to be rust than anything else.

The good thing is that Rainer has enjoyed having some company today and if you live on the route please come out and say 'Hello'.

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  1. Jen & Rory, say sorry to Rainer for me, but I can't get away to see y'all. :( tell him hi from me, and congratulations.

  2. Hi Russell, Rainer says Hi back to you... you were right in saying that he was a machine. Says it's all down to reading your book :-) He says it's 'quite interesting'...