Wednesday, 2 May 2012

CP1 in 1:40

Rainer's just come through 10 miles at a 6mph pace which, if you could see the undulations and the traffic, is a very good pace indeed. What we have come to expect now but nonetheless quite incredible after over 700 miles of running. We have refreshed our supplies of Banana Milk for him and he's topped up and off again...

For the first time ever we are thinking we may have to investigate the local tourist spots later else we will be twiddling our thumbs!!! - The Home of ULTRArunning in the UK


  1. Yesterday was an amazing day. to witness the man in action is quite incredible. his pace is relentless yet he is most certainly not racing. he is sight seeing on foot. just happens that he runs faster than anyone on the planet! A really nice chap too!
    I look forward to running with him again.

  2. Completely loving the story that is unfolding courtesy of Rainer's physical and mental ability and the support team's frequent updates and location links.

    I'm addicted! When he gets to the finish, any chance he'll turn around and go back again?

    I would like to buy him a beer.

  3. What an amazing man! I would dearly love this kind of strength. Enjoy the banana milk, sightseeing and shorter day :)