Monday, 30 April 2012

40.2 miles - easy peasy today...

There's no surprise I am sure to you when I say Rainer breezed thru CP3 and has just made it to us at the 40.2 mile point in just 7hrs 20mins... he agonisingly close to the Welsh Border and I thought we had made it when we got to Welsh Newton but bizarrely we are still in England, although noting surprises me on this event now.

We are still enjoying a lot of race coverage in France of all places and being switched onto Multi-day running so much longer than the UK, they seem most interested in watching their running hero Rainer conquer Great Britain! 'Merci beaucoups' to our French audience.

It will be good to be in Wales although sadly north of our home in Caerdydd but we will say a happy ARAF as we enter the homeland as we cross the border. I've told Rainer to have his passport ready for the Severn Bridge back into England tomorrow.

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  1. "...we will say a happy ARAF as we enter the homeland..."

    Seems like an odd thing to say, especially in a race environment!