Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Runner Update

Rory had a good look at Tim's feet and came to the verdict that they aren't as bad as Tim thinks they are. He's now in Tom's size 13's which are a bit big and his feet are moving around inside them a bit causing friction. Rory gave him an extra pair of socks to wear and, although he moved off pretty gingerly, he seemed to be moving pretty well when we passed - jogging uphill no less.

Tom F is still his humorous self and enjoying the sheepdogs. He is getting superstitious about his running kit thinking he has to wear the same every day, including his Captain Bananaman socks.

Tom H is fine too - he looked a little tired but nothing a can of coke, a wrap and a chocolate bar couldn't fix. He barely stopped...

We caught Rainer taking snaps as we passed him after which he clicked back into his usual pace, again uphill. - The Home of ULTRArunning in the UK

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  1. Well done Tim! Tough day but you're doing really well. You got a mention in todays East Midlands Meeting.

    All behind you here at Alzheimer's Society, you're doing amazingly.