Sunday, 29 April 2012

Tom going for CP3...

Well, we've worked some magic and had a close look at his Achilles and Tom's shown just how courageous he is by going back out onto the road and moving onto the 30 mile point. It's still 'pi55ing down' and it's been a tough call for him to make to get out of a warm vehicle and get back to it.

999/1000 people wouldn't have been able to do that - and its what has impressed us most about Tom over the last 10 days. Let's hope this is a 20 mile blip and he can get his mind together to get to Ludlow today... as it's one CP at a time now and 'mind over matter' for our Tom. - The Home of ULTRArunning


  1. Tom you're a Legend! Steve and I are often reading this blog!! You're doing amazingly!! We're so proud of you!! x

  2. You truly are special Tom, You have a fighting spirit and everyone who knows you knows how single minded and determined you can be. You have always been able to look at the long game. Take it one mile at a time. x x

  3. Fantastic effort Tom - just picture the hero's welcome when you finish and return to work. You'll have a lifetime of satisfaction from one more week of pain. We're tremendously proud