Tuesday, 24 April 2012

CP1 - 10.7 miles

Tim E, Tom F and Mel came through CP1 an hour ago. Tim E said he was very cross with himself for not eating Ann's hot cross bun at breakfast so he was very happy to get one at the first checkpoint. Tom F had to walk for the first 3 miles until he said something went 'click' in his shin and then he could run again - is that a good or a bad thing?! Guess we'll find out as the day progresses... Mel is keeping up with the guys and needs to today to get her to the finish with ample rest time for tomorrow's 57.1 miler. Today is a wapping 57.7 miles...

Steve P's knee is still sore - Rory released it again at the CP which seemed to help. The pain is underneath the kneecap and hard to pinpoint. Let's hope it doesn't get any worse.

Tom H is happy as larry and is smack on pace for the day... so we are just waiting for Super-Rainer and then we are off to CP2...

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