Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Day 5 - Grind

We’ve just passed Tim E, Tom F and Mel on the way to CP1 who are running about 50m apart in quite a slow grind at 8.6 miles in 2hrs 20mins. They really need to keep above the 4mph mark at this stage to allow for recovery tonight although we suspect that the gathering amount of foot problems and fatigue is starting to kick in…
Behind them are Steve and Tom H… Steve nursing that knee that caused him a lot of pain yesterday and the event ‘Dark Horse’ , Tom Haines who is just clipping along nicely at the moment. Rainer has a 9am start and looked in good spirits at breakfast this morning… although he never looks anything different.
More after the CP.
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  1. Go on Tom - keep "clipping along"!!!!!

  2. Go Tom Go. Lots of Love Mum xxxx

  3. Go your own pace Thomas.With those legs you will play for the Vale one day.