Monday, 30 April 2012

Rainers on the road...

Well Rainer’s back on the road and probably like you I am wondering if he is ever going to slow down or show ANY sign of fatigue in the last six days of the event. He ran off from the start this morning the same as every day with no stiffness of the legs or signs of hurty feet. Last night he was telling us of the 70,000km he has walked/run in IVV events in Europe and that probably goes a long way to getting as conditioned as he is to this type of running.

We look at his times so far for JOGLE and believe that he would smash Andy Rivetts, JOGLE record BUT it’s not what Rainer is about it.

It’s the experience of racing across countries, running huge distances and seeing new places that he enjoys most – and maybe enjoying ULTRAs is something that we something we all forget.

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  1. Great going Rainer, awesome! Anita :)

  2. North to South Australia perhaps next then eh? A mere 3180km/1976 miles! :) Wishing you all the best for Day 11.