Wednesday, 25 April 2012

CP4 - 42.3 miles - Mimi's HERE!!!

We are now sat in a delightful lay-by on the A702 alongside the busy A74 (part of that isn't true).

We have just had the pleasure of a visit by the lovely Mimi and Tim Anderson (all of that is true). They stayed to watch The Machine come through who stopped for a photo opportunity and a chat.

He is enjoying his day out, stopped for a tour of the lead mining museum in Abington and went for a quick whistle-stop tour of the local surrounds before getting back on track (not true but could easily be)!

More when The Humans get here... - The Home of ULTRArunning in the UK


  1. Marvellous to see you and the Machine in action - he makes it look so easy! Enjoy the rest of your journey,

  2. I'm sure Steve P would be only too pleased to help out with the cooking tonight, and any other chores (bursting blisters,filling ice buckets etc) that might be needed.
    He doesn't like to admit how much he loves helping out, and I'm sure he would like to buy you all rounds of drinks tonight.
    Best wishes from his brother.