Thursday, 26 April 2012

Tom F and Tim E have started... and need STUFF!

The guys look tired and sore this morning... They all seem to have slept well although the alarms went off at 04:30 so it was short and sweet...

They have all eaten a lot of porridge and toast for breakfast which is great as they have a long day ahead of them today - a 62.5 miler to Penrith (the second longest day of the event).

Tim E and Tom F left first and moved off very gingerly. The blisters on Tim's right foot are getting worse and are very sore indeed. They're beyond Rory's taping now so fingers crossed he's ok today.

Tom F's feet are in better shape - Rory helped pop a couple of blisters but all things considered they look good. He is wearing a new pair of trainers today which he thinks will be too narrow:-( The previous ones died yesterday. HELP - does anyone have a pair of size 14 2E Brooks Adrenaline for him??? He very generously gave his spare pair to Tim E... If so we wld LOVE to hear from you - my number is 07775 921665...

Please post your support on here and we'll read your messages to the guys at checkpoints... - The Home of ULTRArunning in the UK


  1. Failing Adrenaline any Size 14 2E Brooks model would be fantastic...

  2. Yowww how painful?! All greatest respect, but be SO careful/vigilant with that wound :(

    Wishing you all the best for Day 7 - may the road rise up to meet you!

  3. And hopefully in a downhill fashion!

  4. Come on guys dig deep, you are entering ENGLAND today. You are an inspiration too many.. Tom the hat must be working matey..

  5. So so impressed with everyone's mega efforts. Loving following the progress on the blog. Keep going. Nicky xx

  6. Thinking of you all, what strong incredible people you are.

    Tom.F I am thinking of you every minute and driving everyone crazy by talking non stop about how amazing you're doing!

    Sending Love x x x x