Monday, 30 April 2012

Turn for home..

Tomorrow's a favourite part of the journey for us as we turn for home after crossing the Old Severn Bridge out of Wales... (I won't mention that I went across it first when the toll was -2/6 back in 1966, as it makes me sound old but)... Two years ago Neil, David and Mark came over arm-in-arm - tomorrow Rainer will also enjoy the 3240ft span across the Rivers Wye and Severn and run back into England for the last time and head on towards Lands End.

Can't wait to take the photos... and it feels like we are getting closer to our 4th ever JOGLE Ultra finisher and the possibility of him setting smashing the record.

Hopefully you will be back with us for a 7am start and if you live along the route please come and say 'Hello' as Rainer quite likes that... and we do too.

Good night from us on the bus and see you tomorrow. - The Home of ULTRArunning


  1. Good night, boys and girls, and keep the bus going till Lane Ends ;-)

  2. Really well done Rainer, especially after that terrible weather yesterday. On the home straight now.
    Best wishes.
    Neil B's Mum

  3. That bloke is bomb proof, I'm beginning to think that he his the "The Termi_Rainer_". Smash it!