Sunday, 29 April 2012

Slow away...

It's not surprising that Tom was slow away this morning really considering his mileage to date and the amount of warming up he has to do on his Achilles. He also has some new Saucony trainers to break in too which are quite solid for the first 50-100 miles normally, so he has that to combat too.

The modifications really help with these size 14 bad boys as even though they are so big, the manufacturers always forget to add some further width to them the bigger they go.

He's got a long day in store and it's compounded by the bad weather that's already set in. Please support him here on the blog and then we can let him know at CP's that you are willing him onto Lands End. - The Home of ULTRArunning


  1. Way to go Tom, you are magnificent in pursuit of your goal, many have fallen but you remain steadfast and an inspiration to all of us following on the blog. One mile at a time, you are pulling Lands End ever closer, keep it going pal.

  2. My routine in the morning is stick the kettle on, then straight onto the blog to check on the progress of you guys! Not sure how many are following but it must be shed loads. Forget the loneliness of the long distance runner, we are all willing you on. Anita :)

  3. Best of luck today Tom - tho don't think you need it! Your efforts are truly amazing. Just KEEP GOING! All the best to the fabulous support crew that are nursing you along too - you're also amazing!
    And finally best wishes to Super Rainer today - if ultra running was an Olympic sport we'd be witnessing a gold medal performance!

  4. Come on Tom. One Tom needs to finish this beast.

    BEst wishes to you and Reiner
    Tom H

  5. Keep going chick!,
    We are all so incredibly proud of you at home.

  6. Tim E says, like Anita his morning routine is to put the kettle on and he' d like to go straight to the bog....... In his dreams (sorry - blog) . Tim E also says "I love you Tom, for Queen and country young man" . He says no doubt Rainer will turn in another precision performance. (he's had codeine, clearly!! Ruth)

  7. Dig deep tom get the day done tomorrow is supposed to be good weather. Dont get lost in shrewsbury this time buddy....

  8. Keep your chin up
    You are so strong, you can get through today and then you are almost home!!