Sunday, 29 April 2012

Getting thru the pain of the rain...

We are at CP2 ready to get working on Tom's ankle that is now causing a lot of distress. His times are now slipping as a result and we need to work fast so we can get him back on the pace again... - The Home of ULTRArunning


  1. Come on Tom! You are amazing, keep on going, you're well over halfway now. The south is calling you darling one. x x x Love you and am so so proud of you. We are complete blog addicts, even Felix loves looking at the pictures of 'his friend Tom'. x x x x

  2. Think the whole of the uk Is behind you Tom

  3. Go on Tom- it must be awful out there today with a bad ankle in the driving rain, but keep at it and the miles will gradually slip by. Things will get better and if anyone can do this, you can. Steve Pope