Thursday, 26 April 2012

Welcome to England!!!

Well we are very proud to let you know that our 3 intrepid runners have all just crossed the Scottish border - CONGRATULATIONS!!

Tom F fulfilled his dream and crossed the border first, followed about 10 minutes later by Rainer, and then Tim 10 minutes after that. It's such an achievement to run the length of Scotland, let alone the length of the country we are all very chuffed for the lads:-))

This is also CP3 (32.5 miles). Tom F seems to have picked the pace up (must be the Meatloaf he is listening to).

The only thing that is possibly tiring for Rainer is his camera!

Tim is also in good spirits and again only took a fleeting pitstop before heading into England:-)

So it's great news from the JOGLE!! - The Home of ULTRArunning in the UK


  1. A Huge milestone, many congrats to all of them.

  2. Go Timmy!! Well done doesn't quite cover it!! You've amazing physical and mental strength. What a man. Well done to the other two, especially Tims pal Tom who was first into England x

  3. Well done to all 3! Mind-boggling grit and determination.

  4. Magnificent Tim! Scotland couldn't hold you! The highlands did their worst and lowlands threw it all at you, but every day the buzzards went home hungry to their nests... Hope the feet are still holding up!

    Very impressed with all the runners - incredible stamina.

  5. Well done all of you! Good grief what an enourmous achievement. Here's sending you energy and positive thoughts to help you all along...
    Bin (Mel's sis!)

  6. Awesome work Timmy! You're making your little bro very proud!

    Eye of the tiger champ.