Saturday, 28 April 2012

Tom has 9.9 to go...

We have just driven back down the course to give Tom his final stop before driving to the finish and marking out the final section...

The last stretch is notoriously tough. We have just driven past the lay-by where Mike Brown finished last year after 20hrs and 23mins on the road.

The 3 JOGLE finishers took 19 hrs 12 mins on this day. There's no doubt the guys have found it a trying day today but both are looking like they are on for good finish times today.

Rainer is currently 3.8 miles from the finish and looking very strong indeed - he has speeded up significantly since CP4...

Tom and Dave are also keeping up a good pace so we are not expecting a hugely late finish.

More from the finish at Tarporley Community Centre... - The Home of ULTRArunning in the UK


  1. Remarkable Tom. Just flipping incredible!!! x x x

  2. Tim says well done to both you guys, fantastic efforts