Friday, 27 April 2012

Tom's on the road to Shap...

It's time for our Tom to hit the heights this morning as he has the mighty SHAP to conquer in the first 20 miles. The long grind to the summit will get his feet bedded in for the day for sure and from there it's a downhill into Kendal.

He's in very good shape as his feet are only mildly affected so far, just limping off from the start slightly as a result of muscle soreness than anything else.

Tom's got spirit in bucketfuls and this is really going to help him cover the distance over the next couple of days... He also has his Mum Linda coming to see him tonight with some new trainers and some love and attention only a mother can give him... Ahhh.

More from the first CP and after Rainer has started at 9am... we've just unplugged him from the mains and lightly oiled his legs... as the man's a machine. - The Home of ULTRArunning


  1. Come on Tom, you are an inspiration! Have a great day out!