Tuesday, 24 April 2012

CP2 - 21.3 miles

Tom F and Tim E were the first to reach us at CP2. Tom F is still on his 'Stage 1' level of painkillers, saving something stronger for next week... they have teamed up and are doing really well having taken heed of Rory's advice that they needed to speed up to a 4mph pace. Tim E aired his feet which aren't going to win any beauty contests...
Next was Steve P who seemed to be running more freely as he approached the checkpoint. He has again been battling with his right knee - Rory stretched it out again and he jogged off looking comfortable.

Mel followed - she is trying to stick to a 16 min/mile pace but struggled a bit in the last section. Still, she only stopped briefly, topped up her Perpetuem and had something to eat before setting off again.

Tom H was shortly behind Mel and looked fresh (all things considered!).

Finally, Rainer came through at 12:15. so that's 3 hrs 15ins for 21.3 miles...

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  1. Look after those big ol'Harold Hare feet Tim!! xxx