Thursday, 26 April 2012

Tom H hits the road...

Tom H started shortly after the others. I walked him to the entrance and it took me some time to convince him it was left rather than right! It turns out they must have arrived through the back entrance last night through the campsite - no wonder they didn't see the big billboards at the entrance!

Anyhow, he put in a special request for some waterproof gloves and Steve P has come up trumps with his ski-ing mitts. Thanks Steve! So now we just have to nip to the chemist for Tim and find some very large socks for him - there's a chemist around the corner and we are parked next to a woollen mill so hopefully that's do-able!

More soon... - The Home of ULTRArunning in the UK


  1. Wishing the guys all the best for today's epic - know they'll do amazing things yet again!
    I see Tom H's sense of direction hasn't improved - he nearly had us running back north to JOG at start of day 2 :) no problems with his or the others determination tho. If JOGLE was filmed it would be called the real 'True Grit'

  2. I have previously mentioned Toms rubbish navigation skills!! Keep it up Tom otherwise we'll all have to do more work in the office instead of refreshing this blog all day to keep up with you guys!! Good luck for today, will you be putting your jacket on the ight way today??? The Bezzers x x x

  3. You guys are a true inspiration as are all the JOGLE runners. Keep going, keep strong.

    I run Peaks Ultra in August and had doubts I could do that. You guys have given me the confidence that yes I can.

    We are thinking of you all the way.