Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Patch me up Danno...

We've just spent ages patching up Tim E's right foot. It's not a breakfast picture really as it's very sore and infected on the underside... But boy he's tough and very driven and good news for him is that his running mate Tom F's has a pair of size 13 trainers to lend him as there is no way his size 11.5 Asics are going to accommodate him now.

A couple of pairs of socks will fill any gaps and we hit the road in 10 minutes. - The Home of ULTRArunning in the UK


  1. Tim, you are certainly tough. We are all going grey!! You must be thinking of Dunkirk darling...
    Big thanks to the lovely Tom - we owe you!!
    Anyone got any appropriate antibiotics nearby for Tim in case he becomes unwell??

  2. Ruth, you do indeed have a very tough man... and most would have stopped by now. Hopefully the foot surgery has helped him this morning as well as the bigger shoes! We'll keep you posted...

  3. Thankyou to both of you for care. He certainly likes a challenge!! Fingers crossed for him.