Monday, 23 April 2012

Chisholm's of Ballachulish - CP2

THANK YOU to Ennis who has just fillled up our water canister and even carried it to the trailer for me:-)

This is where we just did a second CP for Tim E who is on a mission today - he is currently a good 3 miles ahead of the rest of the pack and 'feeling like he has a bit extra in the tank today'. Keep it up Tim!

The best news of the day so far is that the next person down the route is now Mel who has massively picked up the pace since the last checkpoint and is just ahead of Tom F and Steve G. Her smile is back and she is on a new solo strategy. She looks like a different woman to 2 hours ago... well done Mel!

Tom F and Steve G are also now at CP2 - Tom F is his usual chirpy self, Steve has a bit of a sore knee that Rory is stretching as we speak... - The Home of ULTRArunning


  1. Go Melly! Must be the three sisters in Glencoe pass calling to you.. that and of course the fact that you are just incredible!!!

  2. Keep going dad!! You can do it!!!

  3. Blimey Tim! Well done! xxx

  4. So glad that you have found your smile! I have just struggled trying to open a google account to comment on this blog so goodness knows what your struggles must be like. Go Mel go!! Xxxxx