Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Fixing Feet

Morning to you all from the bus! Mel, Tim E and Tom F set off at 5:32 in good spirits. Rory taped Mel and Tim E's feet over breakfast this morning.. Oh, and Tim E's running trousers and shoes have now had the Steve G treatment - the tongues were chopped and the trousers are now sawn off shorts to take any pressure away from his shin which is pretty swollen.

Steve G is up to wave them all off... He definitely made the right decision to stop as everything is now aching...

Next are Tom H and Steve P... More at 06:30...

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  1. Have a great days running Mel. Thinking of you loads. Good luck to all the runners.
    Go girl power go!! Xxxx

    1. Amazing ....keep going ...legends!! Go mel @Canteenrun

    2. Ps.hi jen and rory ...hope to join you for a race next year!!

  2. Good luck for today everyone.