Thursday, 19 April 2012

Ready to Go...

Well it's a good evening from a VERY WINDY John o'Groats... boy its cold here and even with two coats on it's FREEZING. Luckily, it's stopped raining and our 11 hardy athletes are just about to tuck into their Last Supper of Carbo-Loading before the start tomorrow at 0530hrs.

The chilly time we spent taking the group photo at the famous JOG Post gave them a brief idea of what's in store climatewise for the next few days and we've noticed that the Daffodils and Trees up here are only just coming into flower and leaf - Yes... it's still WINTER in these parts.

None of this will make any difference to the guys as all they want to do is to get going on the run itself. Right now they are busily charging umpteen gizmos of distance measurement and preparing for tomorrow's 63.9 mile stage down to Brora.

We will be bringing you updates throughout the day and photos too - so you can see the runners and their spangly new trainers in full technicolour... more then. - The Home of ULTRArunning


  1. Good luck guys for the first day & hope to see you as you pass the Northwest.

  2. We hope everyone has a good night and a safe start tomorrow.

    -Jemma and Kent (Steve G daughter and grandson)

  3. Good luck everyone. Enjoy and I'll be thinking of you all.

  4. Very jealous good luck will be following you all the way

  5. Wishing all the JOGLE 2012 runners the very best for a safe, blister-free journey. With you every step of the way!

    'If you have the courage to begin, you have the courage to succeed.' D Viscott

    Mellieee, go for it! ;)