Saturday, 21 April 2012

Top of the Morning

Morning Campers!

Well our first wave of runners have just left (6am start):

Steve Gordon
Mel Corden-Lloyd
Katherine Hey-Heddle
Tom Forman
Tim Oliver
Sean Maley
Tim Elliott (Birthday Boy!)

They have the expected minor niggles but nothing to worry about. Rory has chopped the heal tabs off Katherine's trainers, stretched Tom F's quads and taped Tim O's feet. Deep Heat is wafting round the bus!

It's Tim E's birthday today - Ruth he has had a customary bear hug from Rory and me and a very tuneful rendition this morning.

The next start is at 8am:

Tom Haines
Andy Wilmshurst

Followed by a final 9am start for:

Rainer Koch
Steve Pope

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