Saturday, 21 April 2012

Shoes - who is wearing what?

As you know by now I am fanatical about my shoes and I believe that they are the make or break for the runners on this event. We've seen some very painful shins in our time both here and on M2M and I thought it would be interesting to see what the guys have chosen as their weapon of choice as they combat the camber if the road.

So here goes...

Rainer - He's got some Swiss Shoes from IQ with some wacky green lugs on the bottom, they are new
Steve P - He's wearing Mizuno which look pretty worn in
Andy - Adidas and again pretty worn in
Tom H - New Balance and new
Steve G - Hokas, worn in and Saucony new
Tom F - Brooks Adrenalin new
Tim O - New Balance and Brooks Adrenalin new
Mel - Saucony Mirage and  Saucony Grid Omni new
Tim E - Asics Gel Hyper new
Sean - New Balance new
Katherine - Hokas worn in and Saucony new...

So there's actually a complete spectrum of shoes here...

Personally, I believe that the shoes with soles made primarily of EVA increase the chances of getting Anterior Compartment Syndrome (ACS and posh name for hurty shins) and knee issues as there is less support for the ankle making the knee has to rotate more to get the leg though it's swing as part of it's natural running gait.

The JOGLE Ultra makes a great test for ANY shoe and one size doesn't fit all of course... let's see how they perform over the coming days and we'll do another shoe round up later in the week. - The Home of ULTRArunning


  1. I don't know if you are aware but the link from your website takes you to the 2011 blog. I only found this by searching around.

    Good luck to all.

    Neil B's Mum

  2. Thanks Jen, we left it so people could see last year's but we have just updated the link - hope you are well... Roryx

  3. Hi Rory,
    Sounds like Rainer is wearing Cloud Surfer's from On. Just been given a pair to test run from Craig Meredith of Fit 2 Function in Jersey and worn them for the last 2 runs of 12 and 15 miles.
    They're amazing so not surprised he had a cracking first day!
    I've been wearing Asics DS Trainers for years and tried Inov8 but didn't get on with them.
    Cloud Surfers have 7 mil drop and the lugs act to store energy, encourage runner to midfoot and then propel you forward.
    Read the science part after I'd run in them and everything the company said was true for me.
    Wishing everyone left in the race the very best of running!